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Blog-thumbsUpOfficeI have been hesitant about recommending Twitter for job search, but the benefits can no longer be denied. It should be something to consider as part of your job search process. I have been taking some time to read and learn about Twitter recently and it can be a great tool for those exploring job opportunities. What value does it bring? Well, here are a few things I have learned so far and I am just at the beginning of my research, so I expect there to be more in the near future.

You can find out about jobs faster on Twitter because they are posted real-time, unlike job boards where there is an administrative delay before they are posted.

  1. You can find a multitude of recruiters on Twitter as well as job openings. Once you set up your profile, send out a few tweets and connect with a few tweeples  (Twitter speak for people) to get started, do a search in Twitter to find jobs and recruiters. Let me use the example of telecom sales professional.


–       To find recruiters on Twitter, narrow the list down by stating the type of position / industry, such as “telecom sales recruiter” (you don’t need the quotes) or something similar to this.

–       For job openings, narrow down the list by stating the type of job or industry and location, such as “telecom sales representative”  in Arizona” (you don’t need the quotes) or something similar to this.

Yes, you can search for recruiters on the web, but on Twitter, you can see a list of their postings for job openings at the same time and you can follow them for future openings. And, you can contact them directly, sending a message of interest for specified job openings– unlike on job boards where your resume is lost in a black hole.

  1.  There is also TweetMyJobs, which is a Twitter-based job board with some great features and TwitJobSearch to check out. (Neither of these sites are  directly part of Twitter)
  2. And, once you get acclimated to all the whole Twitter phenomenon and want an easy way to find tweets on any type of topic, use the Twitter directory Twellow.

It can all be confusing for a bit, but ultimately it is just a learning process and the benefits outweigh the initial frustration you might feel.

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