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ATS Systems – Text Files or Online Word Files?

When I create a resume for a client, they receive a WORD-based PRESENTATION copy that is formatted and designed to be visually appealing. This version is used for interviews and when emailing directly to someone, such as a recruiter or someone you are networking with to help with your job search. The client also receives […]

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What is an Accomplishment? What is Not?

What is an accomplishment? You would think this would be an easy question to answer and to show examples. But resumes prove that people view the word accomplishment differently. There are people who say they believe in writing an accomplishment based resume, but when you look at their resume, it is task oriented instead. So […]

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Consulting Engagements – How to State On Your Resume

It isn’t unusual for those with business expertise to have some consulting experience within their professional history and it can be very effective in showcasing some critical skills, including strategic leadership type talent, such as organizational turnarounds or driving growth for new startup venture. But, there are some pitfalls to watch out for when you […]

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Overused Resume Words – Avoid Them

Overused resume words consist of words such as team player, results driven, or great communicator. It is not unusual for clients  to tell me during the consultation that they were reviewing some resume samples in their field of work and could I include a few of those overused resume words in their document. Sorry, the answer […]

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Free Resume Reviews –

I have mentioned Career Connectors (check them out at several times in my prior blog articles. **You can see me at the Scottsdale meeting this Thursday, December 12th at their Scottsdale location where I will be reviewing resumes for those that are interested. Check out their website for meeting times. ** It is a great […]

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Paste The Posting Into the Resume

This is a quick post. I have been writing about how difficult the ATS systems are making it for job seekers’ resumes to be selected. A tip that seems to be working is to put a heading “Job Posting” and then paste the job posting you are applying for at the BOTTOM of your resume. […]

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If you are a job seeker who is writing your own resume and have done your research on the subject, then you have heard to include accomplishments. Sounds good, but what does it mean? I talk to job seekers daily and review resumes all the time. It isn’t unusual for the job seeker to say they have […]

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