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Layoffs aren’t over

In the last year, I have read about and seen signs that the job market is slowly showing signs of recovery. Inquiries for my resume services were from those who were ready to move on from their current positions, not because there were layoffs as had been the case during the downturn. Clients were finding […]

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Job Seekers, Long-term Employment Not a Plus

You would think that showing long-term employment with a particular company would be a definite plus for job seekers on a resume. After all it shows loyalty and what employer wouldn’t like that. But job seekers beware, particularly if it’s the only company you have been employed. When it comes to the job search, this […]

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Paste The Posting Into the Resume

This is a quick post. I have been writing about how difficult the ATS systems are making it for job seekers’ resumes to be selected. A tip that seems to be working is to put a heading “Job Posting” and then paste the job posting you are applying for at the BOTTOM of your resume. […]

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