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Job Seekers, Long-term Employment Not a Plus

You would think that showing long-term employment with a particular company would be a definite plus for job seekers on a resume. After all it shows loyalty and what employer wouldn’t like that. But job seekers beware, particularly if it’s the only company you have been employed. When it comes to the job search, this […]

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How’s Your Credit Report?

Wow, just read an article at that states that “recent surveys indicate that approximately 60 percent of employers use credit histories in some portion of their hiring decisions, up from just 19 percent in 19964 and 35 percent in 2001.” With this current economy and the housing debacle that could impact the hiring of a […]

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Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu.


I hope everyone had a marvelous and delicious Thanksgiving yesterday! I started thinking during mine how there are job seekers out there, without jobs, who may not have felt like participating in the holiday festivities this year. I can only hope they were with loved ones to help them through the day.

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