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ATS Systems – Text Files or Online Word Files?

When I create a resume for a client, they receive a WORD-based PRESENTATION copy that is formatted and designed to be visually appealing. This version is used for interviews and when emailing directly to someone, such as a recruiter or someone you are networking with to help with your job search. The client also receives […]

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Are You Ready to Move Up to a Management Position?

As a professional resume writer, I talk to many professionals in staff -level positions ready to advance and take that next step to move up to management.  Some know they want to move towards management but they don’t know how. For others, it is realized during our consultation and we talk about their accomplishments and […]

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Free Resume Reviews –

I have mentioned Career Connectors (check them out at several times in my prior blog articles. **You can see me at the Scottsdale meeting this Thursday, December 12th at their Scottsdale location where I will be reviewing resumes for those that are interested. Check out their website for meeting times. ** It is a great […]

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Layoffs aren’t over

In the last year, I have read about and seen signs that the job market is slowly showing signs of recovery. Inquiries for my resume services were from those who were ready to move on from their current positions, not because there were layoffs as had been the case during the downturn. Clients were finding […]

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More Linkedin Tips

Have you noticed that LinkedIn made changes again? The top menu has been streamlined so you have to work a little initially to find where certain features are now located. Most of it makes sense so it isn’t too hard and you can go to the help section and ask questions on those things that you may […]

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Don’t Believe the Myth

It’s almost holiday season again, so it is time to once again make it clear to job seekers: DO NOT stop looking for a job at this time. The myth is that employers don’t hire during the holiday. WRONG. Hiring has a lot to do with budgets and the structure of the company’s fiscal year. […]

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