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Are You Ready to Move Up to a Management Position?

As a professional resume writer, I talk to many professionals in staff -level positions ready to advance and take that next step to move up to management.  Some know they want to move towards management but they don’t know how. For others, it is realized during our consultation and we talk about their accomplishments and […]

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Overused Resume Words – Avoid Them

Overused resume words consist of words such as team player, results driven, or great communicator. It is not unusual for clients  to tell me during the consultation that they were reviewing some resume samples in their field of work and could I include a few of those overused resume words in their document. Sorry, the answer […]

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Losing job opportunities because of social media

Just read this article “Social Media Manners Matter, Job Recruiters.” Say. I am hoping you read this so your maximize your job opportunities and don’t minimize them. It is a quick and worthwhile read for job seekers, so take a look when you have a moment to you don’t unintentionally lose desired job opportunities.  Hopefully, most […]

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Don’t Believe the Myth

It’s almost holiday season again, so it is time to once again make it clear to job seekers: DO NOT stop looking for a job at this time. The myth is that employers don’t hire during the holiday. WRONG. Hiring has a lot to do with budgets and the structure of the company’s fiscal year. […]

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If you are a job seeker, you need to know about Preptel. I am going to start with a caveat though, which is that networking is the best way to get a job. Having said that, job seekers should use all avenues to find a job, so that does include using job boards to submit your […]

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Recruiters Using Social Media

Here is an article that shows the importance of social media during the job search and even when you aren’t. The percentage of recruiters scouring LinkedIn and other popular social sites as well as employers checking out candidates is staggering So, you need to be careful what you say on these sites. Present a professional […]

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Paste The Posting Into the Resume

This is a quick post. I have been writing about how difficult the ATS systems are making it for job seekers’ resumes to be selected. A tip that seems to be working is to put a heading “Job Posting” and then paste the job posting you are applying for at the BOTTOM of your resume. […]

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