Specialty Resumes – Do You Need One – Part1

This is a 3-part seriebg-main-banners on specialty resumes.

There are many resume writers, like myself, who are generalists and can write resumes for just about any field of work or level of position. However, there are times where specialty resumes are needed by a job seeker. Today, I want to mention three of those specialties: military conversion resumes, federal resumes, and international resumes. So, let’s start by discussing military conversion resumes today. 

1. Military Conversion
Have you ever talked to someone in the military about what their position title is and what they do? If you have, then you know they have their own language. Military speak will rarely work when applying for civilian jobs after leaving the military, so it is important to convert it so employers can understand how what you do fits what they are looking for in a candidate.
Many in the military are unsure how to do that and lose out on the job opportunities for which they are applying. That’s where the specialist comes in. They understand the language, they understand the position titles and organizational structure, and they can translate it all to create a civilian resume where the job candidate will clearly match the skills for desired target positions.

There are books you can buy that provide military transition resumes. One to consider is Expert Resumes For Military To Civilian Transitions by Wendy Enelow and Louise Kursmark.  (check in out at Amazon: Louise and Wendy, the author, are considered guru’s in the resume industry and have compiled hundreds of of samples from professional resume writers. So if you want to try to write your own military conversion check this out which can be purchased on Amazon or in most book stores.

Part 2 will be on another type of specialty resumes: federal resumes … not to confused with resumes at the city, county or state level. Federal resumes are in a league by themselves.

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