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Losing job opportunities because of social media

Just read this article “Social Media Manners Matter, Job Recruiters.” Say. I am hoping you read this so your maximize your job opportunities and don’t minimize them. It is a quick and worthwhile read for job seekers, so take a look when you have a moment to you don’t unintentionally lose desired job opportunities.  Hopefully, most […]

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More Linkedin Tips

Have you noticed that LinkedIn made changes again? The top menu has been streamlined so you have to work a little initially to find where certain features are now located. Most of it makes sense so it isn’t too hard and you can go to the help section and ask questions on those things that you may […]

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Maximizing Linkedin

Here is an excellent article on LinkedIn (LI) with tips on how to get noticed by recruiters. It’s written by Laura Smith-Proulx who always gives great advice.  She starts out talking about keywords and makes sure you include them in all sections, from your header to the summary and your position descriptions. Why is it so important? […]

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