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Are you thinking about going to college? Are you in college? Just graduated?

Well, I have a great site for you. This site, DegreeQuery provides a wealth of information on finding the right major and career and so much more.  http://

Since I am a resume writer, I found their unique resume graphic of great interest.

If you are not sure where to start or what goes into a resume, this creative graphic gives you some quick, but critical answers, so that your resume can catch the attention of employers.

Pay particular attention to the tips under the “Experience” header. Accomplishments are so important to separate yourself from other candidates. Make sure you include quantifiable results where you can.

Many college graduates have some type of experience by the time they graduate, either through internships or actual experience. So, take some time and think about what daily, weekly, monthly goals you had to meet in your job, or consider specific project goals.

  • Did you have to meet deadlines?
  • Did you have to help a certain numbers of customers?
  •  Did you help with a certain project that increased office efficiency by a certain percentage?
  • Basically how did you help make the department or company better and achieve its mission.

The other tip mentioned in this section is the need to use keywords. This is so crucial to your job search. Make sure you analyze the requirement section of each job posting to help figure out what to include (focus on the nouns which are usually the skills) and customize for each position you apply for.

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