Relocating Jobseekers

If you are going to relocate for your next position there are some things you need to consider if you plan to secure a job PRIOR to making the move. Many employers right now have an aversion to even interviewing out-of-state candidates  with so much local talent available due to the lagging economy. They don’t have to look outside the area in most cases to find those qualified and don’t bring on the extra concerns that go with an out-of-state candidate. What are they? Here are a few:

1.) Will you expect to have your relocation paid for?

2.) Will you like the new location and stay?

3.) Will you be able to start the job quickly–within the typical two weeks?

So what can you do to alleviate the employer’s fears and get their attention? There are things you can do and say in your resume and cover letter to help you get past some of these obstacles.

First, you have to decide how to  put your address on your resume. Should you simply put your current address OR should you put the local address of a family member / friend who –to be living in the area.

These days it is not unusual for jobseekers to leave their address off their resume, particularly when posting on job boards. So, at the very least, leave off your address when trying to move to a new area. To go one more step, if you have family or friends already in the area, ask to use their address. At the very least the employer will know you have some type of roots in the area and it might be enough to convince them to consider you for an interview, rather than tossing your resume to the side. And, if you have a specific month you plan to move–even if you haven’t found a job–show the current address and then also state the family / friend’s address with the month/year of your “future” address. Having a specific month for the move shows you are serious and the employer might also assume you won’t need relocation costs.

You can also alleviate the employers’ fears by expressing your relocation plans at the end of your cover letter. If you are returning to a particular area, you can mention that and say something about how excited you are to come back. That will eliminate their worry that you won’t like the location. Along with that you can simply state that you would be able to be there within a two-week timeframe, particularly since you have friends and family to help get you settled. If you don’t know anyone there, you might have more of a challenge on your hands. But, don’t give up. The economy shows some signs of recovery which may make employers more amenable to considering you.



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