Recruiters Using Social Media

Here is an article that shows the importance of social media during the job search and even when you aren’t. The percentage of recruiters scouring LinkedIn and other popular social sites as well as employers checking out candidates is staggering So, you need to be careful what you say on these sites. Present a professional demeanor. And don’t forgot you don’t have to be passive. If you are looking for a job, find recruiters through these sites or find connections to a particular employer. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile and you are a professional or manager, you are not visible and will be overlooked. Don’t take that chance. It’s free, so take a little time to create a profile that shows why you have value. If you aren’t sure how to get started, there are tutorials right on the LinkedIn site and probably the others. Or go to YouTube to research directions and tips.–linkedin-users–93–of-recruiters-are-looking-at-you.html

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