Go On. Get Out There!

Happy Belated New Year! I am going to be writing and bringing lots of new information through my blog as the year continues, so I hope you find it interesting. I was reading an article titled “The Don’ts For Applying For a Job” and they had about 10 points. There were two that I thought […]

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Employers – Stop Confusing Job Seekers

As a professional resume writer, I, and many other resume writers I know,  tell job seekers to avoid using overused words such as team player, results-oriented, strong communication skills, etc in their resume.  Yet, employers continue to include these words in their job postings. Let me talk to the employers for a moment … Employers, it is […]

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What do you want to discuss?

I realize that this blog is in its infancy and traffic needs to build. I want to make sure I am discussing job search and related topics that the public has questions about and that I am providing answers that are of value to them. So, tell me what you want to see me blog […]

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LinkedIn – How to get started

If you are seeking a job, you have probably heard about LinkedIn and the need to create a profile and network on this site. I know it can be overwhelming if you aren’t used to social media, but LinkedIn is the #1 professional social marketing site, so you need to get started. I can offer […]

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Video Resumes

I have heard of video resumes for several years now and am on the fence as to whether they are beneficial. I just came across an article on Monster which you can check out which pretty much tells job seekers not to bother: I do agree with what is being said. You don’t want to […]

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Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu.


I hope everyone had a marvelous and delicious Thanksgiving yesterday! I started thinking during mine how there are job seekers out there, without jobs, who may not have felt like participating in the holiday festivities this year. I can only hope they were with loved ones to help them through the day.

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How Creative Should I Get with My Resume?

When creating a resume there is a balance that has to maintained. There are lots of elements to juggle when determining how creative you want to get. Adding columns, tables or charts sound cool and can get you noticed, but make sure it is in a good way! So when considering the style and formatting […]

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If you are a job seeker who is writing your own resume and have done your research on the subject, then you have heard to include accomplishments. Sounds good, but what does it mean? I talk to job seekers daily and review resumes all the time. It isn’t unusual for the job seeker to say they have […]

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Using Recruiters

To be successful in this job search it is important to use all resources available, from social media to recruiters, and yes, even job boards … although if you are spending all your time pasting your resume to find a job, you most likely will be disappointed in your results. This blog article will be focused […]

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