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Have you noticed that LinkedIn made changes again? The top menu has been streamlined so you have to work a little initially to find where certain features are now located. Most of it makes sense so it isn’t too hard and you can go to the help section and ask questions on those things that you may not be able to find. There will be more articles and LinkedIn tips soon to help you navigate.

Actually though, I wanted to mention one of my LinkedIn tips now, something quick and easy to help you be more visible. An article I read brought this back to my attention and want to pass it on. It is simply this. Your LinkedIn URL can get you noticed if you do it right. When you customize your URL, try to include your profession or industry —something that is likely to be used by recruiters or employers candidates. The unfortunate part is that you can only customize your URL once, so if you already did you are out of luck if you didn’t know to do this before.

Here is the quick article that reminded me of this: http://


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