Are You Ready to Move Up to a Management Position?

As a professional resume writer, I talk to many professionals in staff -level positions ready to advance and take that next step to move up to management. 

Some know they want to move towards management but they don’t know how. For others, it is realized during our consultation and we talk about their accomplishments and initiative. I hear the “voice” of a leader and ask them if that is something they would like to pursue.

There are many attributes and talents necessary to be a manager. Successful managers need to be proactive, have initiative, know how to assess programs, people, operations and results, and determine how to improve upon them. They must be able to influence and engage others. It is as much about attitude as it is about skill. It’s about ideas and decision making, rather than tasks. And it is about accountability and results.

If you are looking to move up to management, but never held the title before, here are some quick questions to help reflect your leadership potential on your resume. Try to be specific and indicate results of our efforts as appropriate:

  • Have you been selected to manage special projects for management
  • Have you led team projects?
  • Have you attended meetings with management and contributed any specific ideas that were implemented?.
  • Are you involved with the hiring process?
  • Have you been asked to train new employees?
  • Do you give suggestions to your current manager as ways to improve the department?
  • Have you proposed policies and procedures to streamline efforts, save time, lower costs, or increase productivity, efficiency, revenues, sales, customer satisfaction, quality, or profits?
  • Have you rallied people towards a specific goal and instilled cooperation?
  • Do you ever work side by side with management on certain initiatives?
  • Does the manager entrust you with a great deal of responsibility?

These questions were just to get you started. You can take it from here with other ideas as you think over your career and how you have shown leadership skills? Once you have those efforts in mind, turn them into success stories on how you helped the company or customers and add those to your resume. And make sure your profile at the top of the resume focuses on your leadership skills and acheivements in a broad sense.









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