Losing job opportunities because of social media

Just read this article “Social Media Manners Matter, Job Recruiters.” Say. I am hoping you read this so your maximize your job opportunities and don’t minimize them.

It is a quick and worthwhile read for job seekers, so take a look when you have a moment to you don’t unintentionally lose desired job opportunities.  Hopefully, most of you have nothing to worry about, but in the article it states that “42% of recruiters have reconsidered a job applicant, in both positive and negative ways, based on what they say on the candidate’s social network.”

Recruiters are constantly browsing through social media to source potential candidates while prospective employers typically do so to check out candidates of interest who have applied for positions.  The article goes on to state a mind blowing survey finding by Jobvite, which says that social media is now used by 94% of recruiting and HR professionals. Think about that. 94%! And, 78% of them said they have hired through social media. Can that really be true?  Yes it can. Social media has become integral to the job search process. That’s the power of social media! Use it to your advantage.

The top six factors that turned recruiters and employers off include: using illegal drugs (83%), posts of a sexual nature (71%), profanity (65%), poor grammar and spelling (61%), reference to guns (51%), and alcohol consumption (47%). Religion and politics got a neutral reaction.

And it should be mentioned that candidates that don’t have an online social presence at all may need to be concerned. At the very least, create a Linkedin profile to gain exposure. It is expected these days as opposed to past years where it was a choice. Those days have passed. If you are not on Linkedin, you aren’t worth considering for the job by some employers and recruiters.

So here is my final thought. You control you online presence. Think before your tweet. Be mindful before you post. Everyone is watching! So, don’t lose out on job opportunities.

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