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If you are seeking a job, you have probably heard about LinkedIn and the need to create a profile and network on this site. I know it can be overwhelming if you aren’t used to social media, but LinkedIn is the #1 professional social marketing site, so you need to get started. I can offer two resources to help you get started, although there are a million more if you prefer to seek them out.

First is the LinkedIn Tutorials right on their site. Just go to:  I have heard good things about it. I also recommend LinkedIn for Dummies which has step-by-step guidelines and includes a dedicated chapter for job seekers. To get the most out of LinkedIn you want to join and be active on groups. So if you are in the healthcare industry or in software sales or whatever your direction, get involved, let employers and recruiters “hear you roar” and share your expertise–which can get you noticed and networking connections. This is the top site for recruiters to source!

Groups are just one of the ways to get involved and increase your visibility. Do your research on companies using LinkedIn to see who you want to work for and then network to find current or past employers to connect with and find out the best way to connect with the company. Use the site to your advantage. Please don’t set up your profile and leave the rest to chance. Stretch yourself and go for it. Who knows where it could lead.

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