Linked in for College Students and New Grads

I learned some new things through a Linkedin University seminar yesterday. It was focused on their career services site and how to help college graduates find jobs.  While it was directed towards career services professionals, there is quite a bit students can pick up and learn from listening to this. The recording can be found at:

There are a number of features that are great to make networking easier. Some links are listed below that be helpful for those graduating before the end of the year or if you already graduated and haven’t been able to find a job yet. The alumni tool is amazing to find alums from your college. When you use the alum link below, it shows a 3-column list that includes the number of alums in 1.) geographical areas  2.) companies they work for (and list the number of alums at each) and 3.) their field of work. You narrow the numbers down to fit your search by clicking on a particular state or field of work etc. And, the folks that fit into your search are listed right below your criteria, so you can make contact if you choose.

And here is a method under career services to help find connections at companies you want an internship with and let you network with current and past interns. Go to your homepage and do a People search (advanced). Simply put the word “intern” in, choose if you are looking for past or present interns, and then state the company. Click search and voila! the list of folks come up that are or were interns so you can network with.

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