Layoffs aren’t over

6664097In the last year, I have read about and seen signs that the job market is slowly showing signs of recovery. Inquiries for my resume services were from those who were ready to move on from their current positions, not because there were layoffs as had been the case during the downturn. Clients were finding more job openings to apply for, they were getting more interviews, and they were finding jobs quicker. So, I was caught off guard recently as I started to get inquiries again because of layoffs. I had thought … and hoped … we were past that.

I know being laid off can be scary … the unknown future, the loss of income, not having a place to go each day, and feeling a lack of contact with the rest of the world. Even though these layoffs have nothing to do with these people’s performance, some have a feeling of failure.

Everyone is different and so is their situation, so the impact and how soon each chooses to get back in the game is also different. Some are depressed, while others, considered the lucky few, view it as a long-overdue vacation.

For those that need to get back in the game rather quickly, I personally believe that it is best to take a day or two to adjust to the situation.  THEN, focus on the future and develop a plan to move forward. The plan should have different components, not just a focus on the job search.

I am going to present different components in a 3-part series. In addition to the job search we want to consider the financial situation and the emotional mindset. Today we look at things you need to consider for the job search after layoffs … or after leaving a company in general.

  • The Job Search:

–   View it as a full time job and schedule out your time for various activities, from networking to researching companies and applying online. (more time should be spent networking than applying online.)

–   First and foremost determine your career / job target. Do you want the same type of job or do you want to try something different. (Heck, you might figure out you want to start a small business, but we will save that discussion for another day.)

–   Next determine what “tools” you need for the job search … a resume? a Linkedin Profile?, a cover letter?  Decide if you can write them yourself or do you need a professional.

–   Write a list of who you know, from colleagues to relatives and family that you can turn to initially get some contacts for networking. And don’t forget to take advantage of social media to help get the word out.

–   Read up on articles about the job search to get tips on the process and go to local job clubs to hear speakers, employers that are hiring, and meet others going through the same thing you are. (For those in Arizona, check out



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