Job Search – 4 Ways to Lengthen The Process

Do you feel like the economy is starting to shows signs of improvement? Feel like a job is just around the corner for you if you take the right steps? Don’t derail your ability to get a job by focusing your time and energy on the wrong things. Here are 4 ways jobseekers lengthen their job search.

1.       Stare into your computer and apply online all day long to get the job of your dreams.

Posting your resume and applying to job openings online is not the most effective way to find employment. Online job boards can be a black hole. Searching online is OK to do, but it should be one of many avenues to finding opportunities, so set a limited amount of time a day to do this. And, if you are applying online, spend time following up on opportunities  by contact hiring managers for the jobs you are interested in.

2.       Stay in your comfort zone and within the four walls of your home.

Staying at home doesn’t get your energy up to keep you motivated and it can become depressing to be isolated. Source job clubs in your area and attend meetings which usually include presentations by employers or career experts. It also allows you to talk with other job seekers who are going through the same thing you are. Pair up with those you connect with and see how you can help each other.  It makes it easier to go through the process with someone else who understand and you can pull each other up on those down days.

3.       Don’t take courses and learn about social marketing and networking strategies to get a job.

Nothing stays the same in this rapidly changing world, so if you are unfamiliar with the job search process, particularly social media and networking, take a few classes offered by your City (for free) or within continuing education courses at local colleges or through private vendors. Or learn by doing a search on the topic on the internet to find information and free webinars and tutorials.  YouTube can be a great resource to learn about any topic. Don’t forget to learn about face-to-face networking during your search as well. It still works in this technology age.

4.       Don’t sign up and become a part of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

As just mentioned, social media is an integral part of the job search process. So if you are overwhelmed and unfamiliar, take the time to learn. Start with one social network to learn, and once you are comfortable, forge ahead to learn another one.

  • LinkedIn is crucial to the job search and the first place recruiters go to source job candidates for open positions. You can also search for actual jobs, research and follow companies, and of course build your network.
  • On Twitter, you can also show your interest in particular companies by following them and learn of new postings for these companies in real time in many case, days faster than  job boards.
  • On Facebook, you can learn a lot about companies as they give more information about their programs and openings than on their website a lot of time. And you can connect with recruiters many times as well.
  • (Check out Social Media for Dummies or LinkedIn For Dummies books to help get you started. Or check out Jason Alba online who is an expert on LinkedIn and sells a CD to learn all you need to know.)




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