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As a resume writer, I have found it fascinating how some companies assign job titles that aren’t fitting to what the person actually does. Of course, it’s their company, so they have the right to do whatever they want. But what does the person do when they decide to move on and look for a new job? How do you let the employer reading your resume know quickly that you have the experience they are looking for? Well, you have to stay honest, so you do have to use the title that you had / have, BUT, you can also expand the title by either adding an additional title that is more reflective of what you did or you can start the narrative about the position saying “Fulfilled the responsibilities of a . This solution talks about what you did, even though you didn’t have the title. So let me give you an example.

I just did a resume for someone who was currently in the position of a facility manager and wanted to go back to an administrative / office manager role. As she was telling me about her facilities management role, it was filled with administrative tasks, A/P, A/R, report development, vendor management, project management, supervised office staff. So, she really was handling the type of responsibilities that would be found in the position she would be pursuing. Not much of her job was focused on facility management. In fact, for the facilities management tasks, she called building management to take care of those issues. Since we still had to use her actual title, our option was to choose to state: Facilities Manager / Office Manager OR as mentioned above, that we start the content under that position to say she fulfilled the role of an office manager.

Typically adding to the actual title is best because the automated tracking system (ATS) that will read your resume first, if applying online, pays attention to position titles, so Facilities Manager / Office Manager is best. This option is also best when recruiters or employers are reviewing the resume, since it quickly conveys your responsibilities. But, some folks aren’t comfortable with that because it wasn’t their actual title, so in that case, write it into the narrative as mentioned above, “Fulfilled the role of an office manager ….”.

Having that, I want to make it clear to stay honest. If can’t add to the title if you haven’t really fulfilled the responsibilities of such a role. And if you try, you will be quickly pushed aside any way since you won’t be able to expand on the right responsibilities and showcase related accomplishments. As always, it is a balance. Good luck to all going through the process. Keep you head up and stay confident.

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