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Linked in for College Students and New Grads

I learned some new things through a Linkedin University seminar yesterday. It was focused on their career services site and how to help college graduates find jobs.  While it was directed towards career services professionals, there is quite a bit students can pick up and learn from listening to this. The recording can be found at: […]

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Don’t Believe the Myth

It’s almost holiday season again, so it is time to once again make it clear to job seekers: DO NOT stop looking for a job at this time. The myth is that employers don’t hire during the holiday. WRONG. Hiring has a lot to do with budgets and the structure of the company’s fiscal year. […]

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Facebook for job search

So,  in the past I wrote about Linkedin and I’ve also written an article about using Twitter for a job search. And, now, we add Facebook. In my mind, Facebook always seemed far from a job search tool, but boy was I wrong. I am just starting to learn about the value of Facebook for […]

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Changing Careers

It’s a tough market to try and change careers but if you are going to have any chance whatsoever you need to make sure you focus your skills to match the requirements for these types of positions. Here are 5 things to think about. 1. Research to make sure you don’t need additional schooling or […]

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Recruiters Using Social Media

Here is an article that shows the importance of social media during the job search and even when you aren’t. The percentage of recruiters scouring LinkedIn and other popular social sites as well as employers checking out candidates is staggering So, you need to be careful what you say on these sites. Present a professional […]

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How’s Your Credit Report?

Wow, just read an article at that states that “recent surveys indicate that approximately 60 percent of employers use credit histories in some portion of their hiring decisions, up from just 19 percent in 19964 and 35 percent in 2001.” With this current economy and the housing debacle that could impact the hiring of a […]

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LinkedIn – How to get started

If you are seeking a job, you have probably heard about LinkedIn and the need to create a profile and network on this site. I know it can be overwhelming if you aren’t used to social media, but LinkedIn is the #1 professional social marketing site, so you need to get started. I can offer […]

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