Job Search 2016

Are you starting a job search? Has it been awhile since the last time you had to conduct a search? Looking for a new job can be a full time job in itself. So, here are a few things to consider and help you at various stages of the job search process.

The resume: If you apply for jobs online, the resume will be read by the computer first to determine if you match the requirements of the job, so pay attention to keywords, particularly those used in the qualification / requirement section of each job posting and ensure you include them in various sections of your resume.

Job Search: If you are going to use recruiters, understand that they work for their clients, so their main focus is on the job openings they need to fill. Getting you a job is not their main focus unless you fill a need for one of their clients. If you want to maintain a relationship with a client, check in with them periodically. And, if you know any great candidates that can fill any of their current openings (that you aren’t qualified for), let them know. This will raise your level of importance to the recruiter and you will be at the top of their list, if something comes through that fits your qualifications.

Interviewing: Do your research! Know the company’s direction, products, client base etc. Call the company and act like a potential client. Ask questions of interest to you. You can also get an idea of their approach to working with clients or customers by doing this. Ask them to mail you some materials. Check out their company page on Linkedin, Facebook, and their websites. There is a ton of info there for you to see where the company strengths are and how you can best contribute to the company within your specific area of expertise. Many candidates don’t do the homework and prepare for the interview. So, set yourself apart and read, read, read about the company and the leadership team. I guarantee you will get noticed and stand apart from many of the other candidates! In the interview, make sure you incorporate what you learned from your research into some of your responses, like “I noticed on your Facebook company page that you have a new initiative to transition the culture to be more participatory and engaging. I helped lead a similar effort for a former employer.”  Or: I saw on Linkedin you have added some new products and I am familiar with those types of products and I know I can help the company by …..  (fill in how you can help).

That should get you started and thinking as you progress through your job search. If you have questions, give me a call.

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