How’s Your Credit Report?

Wow, just read an article at that states that “recent surveys indicate that approximately 60 percent of employers use credit histories in some portion of their hiring decisions, up from just 19 percent in 19964 and 35 percent in 2001.” With this current economy and the housing debacle that could impact the hiring of a lot of job seekers.

It used to be that employers within the financial industries would check out credit reports, but now it has totally expanded into other industries. There are questions as to whether this is considered discrimination, but so far, employers have the choice. So what should you do? Well, first make sure you know your credit scores. Go to to get a free credit report each year if you don’t already. See where you stand. If your report could be a barrier to being hired, be prepared to tell employers during the interview process what happened and what you are doing about this. Don’t wait until the employer finds out on his own. They don’t like these kind of surprises. Be upfront with them as to what you have been doing to correct the situation. Being honest will alleviate some of their worries.

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