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I hope everyone had a marvelous and delicious Thanksgiving yesterday! I started thinking during mine how there are job seekers out there, without jobs, who may not have felt like participating in the holiday festivities this year. I can only hope they were with loved ones to help them through the day.

I only want to write a short message today and then ask a question. First, let me just say that with the startup of the holiday season, many job seekers think they should put their job search on hold until after the holidays. Please don’t play into that myth. Companies still are hiring. Some employers are¬†using up their budget for the year, so positions will be filled. And, because of this myth, there are less resumes submitted and thus, less competition. So keep going and see what happens.

And here is my question to those who were recently unemployed, but found gainful employment this year. Can you give hope to those who are now where you have been? Can you tell a quick story of how things turned around for you? And if there is something that you feel was actually a positive about this unforeseen change, that you realized AFTER finding employment again, let us know as well. Maybe your story can be an inspiration to others.

That’s it for now, except to say that if you are out there shopping and fighting the crowds today, I wish you great discounts!

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