How to Get Noticed During Your Jobsearch

During your job search, you need to make yourself visible. Let people know you are an expert. Here are just a few ideas to do that. This can do wonders for your job search, so don’t be shy! Share your knowledge.

Linkedin –

  • Join and be visible on Linkedin groups that are relevant to the type of job / industry you are seeking. You never know when an employer, hiring manager, or recruiter will be paying attention and take notice of your shared expertise, like what they see, and seek you out.
  • Start conversations in these groups to inform and engage others by sharing articles of interest or by responding to articles / discussions shared by others in the group.
  • Once you build a presence in these groups, you may notice some members who you want to seek out for advice on your job search or to refer you. Based on your ongoing interaction and participation in the group, there is a better chance they will feel they know your value and be comfortable doing that.

Blogging –

  • Many folks never consider starting a blog or don’t want to take the time, but it is another great way to build interest and attention. Think of topics of interest within your career field, talk about industry trends, etc. Share a link to your blog on other social media, like Linkedin, to draw traffic.
  • Always be professional, but try to show your personality as well. Every once in a while pick a “light” topic and add some humor, if you deem appropriate (but always maintain that professional demeanor.)
  • Find related blogs that you like and see if you can help each other expand each of your online presence or find associations within your field / industry that are looking for guest bloggers on their sites.
  • Not sure where to start? Check out WordPress, which is one of the easiest and most popular way to get started. And there must be a Blogging for Dummies book out there. I always find that series a great resource when starting something I have never pursued before.


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