Facebook for job search

So,  in the past I wrote about Linkedin and I’ve also written an article about using Twitter for a job search. And, now, we add Facebook.

In my mind, Facebook always seemed far from a job search tool, but boy was I wrong. I am just starting to learn about the value of Facebook for job seekers through a seminar I attended and it really opened up my eyes. We had to search career information for companies such as Verizon and Macy’s and I was shocked. So much information that you wouldn’t find on a website.

They talk about the career programs they have, from helping those with a military background to diversity programs, leadership development programs, and internships. Just a wealth of  information. And, you can find out what current successes the company is having or new initiatives they are planning or recently launched, which can be great for writing cover letters or for preparing for an interview. I also saw recruiters who were blogging or just listed so that you can make contact with if you are interested in the company. And of course their open jobs are available to search. There are also pictures from their programs as well as interaction / comments from the public, such as writing in about an interview they have had with the company or simply asking a general career question.

There is just way too much to  talk about. If you are as clueless as I was until last week about Facebook, and you are actively job searching, check this social media out. Figure out what companies you want to work with and check them out on Facebook. I think you will be amazed at what information is available.

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