Don’t Believe the Myth

It’s almost holiday season again, so it is time to once again make it clear to job seekers: DO NOT stop looking for a job at this time. The myth is that employers don’t hire during the holiday. WRONG.

Hiring has a lot to do with budgets and the structure of the company’s fiscal year. The fiscal year starts in January and ends in December for many companies. So, managers have to use up the money in their budget by the end of December or they will lose it. Or, you may have managers who have been approved to hire for a new position in 2013 and will be allocated the money to hire starting in January.

So what does that mean to the job seeker?

Well, if a department head has money to hire someone in 2012, they need to before the end of the year, or, as I mentioned, they will lose it. If you, as a job seeker, stop looking during the holidays, you will lose out on these opportunities. For those managers who have been allocated dollars for a new staff member in 2013, they may be eager to have someone on board as quickly as possible once the new year starts, so in these last few months in 2012, they start reviewing resumes to whittle down the number of candidates. They may even do some initial interviews by phone or in person, so that once January rolls around, they can wrap up the remaining steps to the process pretty quickly. If you stop your job search, you don’t have a chance at these opportunities.

If you do continue with the job search process, you could be one of those being considered. Don’t lose a chance at a job you would be interested in. Continue to network, continue to review job openings and apply, and continue to work with recruiters. The best present you could have this holiday is the opportunity for a new job! Play your cards right and stay focused.

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