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Job Search 2016

Are you starting a job search? Has it been awhile since the last time you had to conduct a search? Looking for a new job can be a full time job in itself. So, here are a few things to consider and help you at various stages of the job search process. The resume: If […]

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More ATS guidelines

I am sorry I haven’t kept my blog up for a number of months. It’s been a busy year, but that is no excuse. I am going to wrap up this year with a few articles and start fresh next year! So, since understanding application tracking systems (ATS) is so important, I thought I would […]

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5 Tips for College Grads on Job Success!

So what do college grads need to know and do for job success?. Your first job is more about the experience and building your skills, contacts, and accomplishments, rather than the money. Of course, if you can solidify a great salary too, that is even better. But money, in most cases, should not be the […]

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ATS Systems – Text Files or Online Word Files?

When I create a resume for a client, they receive a WORD-based PRESENTATION copy that is formatted and designed to be visually appealing. This version is used for interviews and when emailing directly to someone, such as a recruiter or someone you are networking with to help with your job search. The client also receives […]

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What is an Accomplishment? What is Not?

What is an accomplishment? You would think this would be an easy question to answer and to show examples. But resumes prove that people view the word accomplishment differently. There are people who say they believe in writing an accomplishment based resume, but when you look at their resume, it is task oriented instead. So […]

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