About Us – Professional Resume Writing Services

I’m Sharon Green, owner of Ace Resume ( As a professional resume writer, I have been fortunate to help those in career transition .  Years ago, I earned a bachelor’s degree in teaching–in the days when there were too many teachers, so subsequently I went back to school and received a master’s in Guidance Counseling focused on career services–which was the perfect direction for me. I never looked back. After a career holding leadership roles in college administration, I established my own professional resume writing services in 2000.

Whether laid off, changing jobs to advance, or simply ready for a change, I have provided professional resume services for those ready to take action and find their next position.  Writing resumes these days can be a complex process. There is a need to be strategic, creating keyword-optimized resumes that grab the attention of employers. Few people I know look forward to the job search process, but at Ace Resume we try to make it as painless as possible while providing you with the tools to obtain your desired results. That’s our promise in providing our resume writing services.

Ace Resume has helped thousands of job seekers over the past 14 years (yes, thousands), creating resumes that get them the interviews for desired jobs / careers. We can help with resumes and other job search materials, such as cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, executive bios, and electronic files.