It’s Holiday Season Again! Rev up your job search.

This article was run last year at this time. I am running it again as a reminder to stick with looking for a job during the holiday season. And, yes, I said rev it up, particularly now that the market has gotten so much better. Here’s why:

The holidays are here! Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I wish everyone a great holiday season. HOWEVER …

To all the jobseekers … I ask you this. Are you going to put your job search on hold during this time?  I definitely hope the answer is no. A holiday job search can be a productive job search  You should push forward just as committed as you would be during any other time during the rest of the year.

Now, let’s look at why some people turn their attention elsewhere and do take this time off.

#1. Businesses are laid back during this time and won’t be doing anything until the end of the year.

#2. Businesses have used up their budget to hire during this time.

#3. I have too much to do.

So let’s look at this from a different lens. Companies might be laid back during this time, but where in the dictionary does it say that “laid back” equates to “won’t be hiring?” Being a laid back time, may in fact give them time to focus on hiring much needed staff. Plus, many companies are still hard at work and have no time to be “laid back.” Thus, a holiday job search can bring the best holiday gift of all.

As far as budgets being used up, there are a number of things to consider. First, many companies’ fiscal year is not from January to December. It could be September to August or another time period, so it isn’t the end of their fiscal year for these companies and they can have funds allocated for staffing to move forward with in preparation for the new year. Secondly, for those companies that do have a traditional fiscal year that ends in December, they probably already have their budgets set for next year. If part of that budget is allocated to staffing, they may start the interviewing process at the end of the year, so that when the new year arrives, they are either set to make an offer or have the last round of interviews with the top candidates to determine their selection. Would you want to lose out on opportunities?

And in terms of #3, if you are laid off or desperately trying to get out of your current job, you need to look at your job search as your job and so putting it on hold shouldn’t be an option. Obviously, you want to enjoy the holidays which could actually revitalize you if you have been searching for awhile, but you don’t have to totally turn your head. Go for it. Don’t stop. Bring a balance during the holidays.  A holiday job search may give you the best holiday present ever … a new job.

The point is, if there are postings you are interested in and you are in a need for a job, why would you not take this time to apply and continue to move forward. This is, in fact, an excellent time to pursue opportunities because there is less competition … You know, those people who decided not to pursue their job search during the holidays. That gives you an advantage.

So take this pledge. I will continue my job search during the holidays!

Okay, the lecture is over for one more year. Eat, drink (responsibly), and be merry!  Happy Holidays: Merry Christmas / Happy Chanuka / Happy Kwanza — May you all have the best holiday season ever! Sharon

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