Maximizing Linkedin

Here is an excellent article on LinkedIn (LI) with tips on how to get noticed by recruiters. It’s written by Laura Smith-Proulx who always gives great advice.  She starts out talking about keywords and makes sure you include them in all sections, from your header to the summary and your position descriptions. Why is it so important? Recruiters use keywords to find you. So if you are a sales rep, or if you are an executive, and that is the type of job you are pursuing, you need to state your title in these sections so when recruiters conduct searches you will be a match. Make sure you state it a couple of times where you can without overdoing it.

Laura then goes on to speak about joining LI groups and suggests joining a number of groups so that it is easy for recruiters to email you for free. (being part of the same group allows you to email for free.). So, if you find a few recruiters you want to work with, up your chances by looking at what groups they are in and joining at least one or two of those same groups. Or, as the article suggests, “… run a search on groups using keywords, such as your job title, industry, or career level.”

There are more points worth reading so to read the whole article go to:



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