Using Twitter for your Jobsearch – What is it and why should you care?

This article speaks to using Twitter for a job search and writing a Twesume. What is a Twesume? Well, from what I can gather, it is simply a quick value proposition and a link to your resume or LinkedIn Profile that you send to recruiters or employers in response to an opening at a particular company.

I find the Twesume name a little deceiving. This is simply a Twitter message. You still need an online resume or your LI profile to “do the work.” I do think it’s great to have one more avenue to pursue an opportunity but maybe that’s what it should be called — a Twopportunity. It isn’t as if the message is going to get you an interview without the employer viewing a more detailed document.

Job seekers should take advantage of all avenues. Things are changing quickly and job seekers have  to be savvy with at least a few of the social networking sites to maximize the job search.


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