Archive | June, 2013

Executive Resumes – Show Your Leadership

I have written many executive resumes for diverse industries and environments. When the client initially sends me their existing resume, one of the first things I look for is examples of leadership. I check whether they show the challenges they have faced in each position or if they simply describe their position responsibilities. Most do […]

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Job Seekers, Long-term Employment Not a Plus

You would think that showing long-term employment with a particular company would be a definite plus for job seekers on a resume. After all it shows loyalty and what employer wouldn’t like that. But job seekers beware, particularly if it’s the only company you have been employed. When it comes to the job search, this […]

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More Linkedin Tips

Have you noticed that LinkedIn made changes again? The top menu has been streamlined so you have to work a little initially to find where certain features are now located. Most of it makes sense so it isn’t too hard and you can go to the help section and ask questions on those things that you may […]

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