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Employers – Stop Confusing Job Seekers

As a professional resume writer, I, and many other resume writers I know,  tell job seekers to avoid using overused words such as team player, results-oriented, strong communication skills, etc in their resume.  Yet, employers continue to include these words in their job postings. Let me talk to the employers for a moment … Employers, it is […]

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What do you want to discuss?

I realize that this blog is in its infancy and traffic needs to build. I want to make sure I am discussing job search and related topics that the public has questions about and that I am providing answers that are of value to them. So, tell me what you want to see me blog […]

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LinkedIn – How to get started

If you are seeking a job, you have probably heard about LinkedIn and the need to create a profile and network on this site. I know it can be overwhelming if you aren’t used to social media, but LinkedIn is the #1 professional social marketing site, so you need to get started. I can offer […]

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Video Resumes

I have heard of video resumes for several years now and am on the fence as to whether they are beneficial. I just came across an article on Monster which you can check out which pretty much tells job seekers not to bother: I do agree with what is being said. You don’t want to […]

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