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Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu.


I hope everyone had a marvelous and delicious Thanksgiving yesterday! I started thinking during mine how there are job seekers out there, without jobs, who may not have felt like participating in the holiday festivities this year. I can only hope they were with loved ones to help them through the day.

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How Creative Should I Get with My Resume?

When creating a resume there is a balance that has to maintained. There are lots of elements to juggle when determining how creative you want to get. Adding columns, tables or charts sound cool and can get you noticed, but make sure it is in a good way! So when considering the style and formatting […]

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If you are a job seeker who is writing your own resume and have done your research on the subject, then you have heard to include accomplishments. Sounds good, but what does it mean? I talk to job seekers daily and review resumes all the time. It isn’t unusual for the job seeker to say they have […]

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Using Recruiters

To be successful in this job search it is important to use all resources available, from social media to recruiters, and yes, even job boards … although if you are spending all your time pasting your resume to find a job, you most likely will be disappointed in your results. This blog article will be focused […]

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